Maintaining good hygiene is vital for your health.

Let’s see why :

Urine Infection

Not keeping yourself clean during menstruation is inviting lots of bacteria. They are not only affect you externally but can also lead to urine infection which isn’t only painful for your stomach and lower abdomen but also affects your kidneys.


The main reason for the rashes formed during your periods is not changing your sanitary napkins frequently enough.

Using a napkin for more than 6 hrs can cause infection, skin rashes and irritation.

White Discharge

Not every case of vaginal white discharge belongs to unhygienic conditions but a significant number of cases are noted because of that. Poor hygiene during menstruation causes bacteria to make a home in your vagina and one of the after effects is white discharge, often more than what can be considered normal.

Chances of Infertility

Using unclean cloths during menstruation or using a single sanitary napkin or tampon for a long time causes the growth of bacteria. These bacteria make way to your body (including ovaries) making it difficult for you to conceive a baby, increasing your chances of infertility.

Chances of Cervical Cancer 

Even though it’s rare, there are enough possibilities of one developing cervical cancer because of poor hygiene during periods. It is very important for women to not only keep themselves clean during their menstrual periods but also maintain good hygiene by cleaning their private parts regularly.

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