Multi-function Electronic Non Sticky BBQ Grill Pan 39CM HK03


Package included:

1 * Electric BBQ Grill Pan

1 * Cable

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• Safety power charging design Lightweight and portable for travels Fry, Stew, Cook, Grill, Pan-fried, Bake, Bbq

• Suitable to be used in a small cooking area, less smoke

• Five gear temperature control, each gear corresponds to different rated temperature.

• Non-stick coating, die-cast aluminum grid plate, easy to clean

• With adjustable thermostat, detachable power cord

• Slim shape, easy to store, easy to carry – Cold touch rubber handle for added safety

• Stylish and beautiful, high quality product

• Large cooking area, anti-slip frame.

• Perfect for hosting parties or individual or family meals.

• Incredibly versatile for meat, vegetables, fish and fried dishes.

Level 1 (Simmer)about 80℃±10℃

Level 2 (Low): about 110℃±10℃

Level 3 (Medium Low): about 140℃±10℃

Level 4 (Medium): about 170℃±10℃

Level 5 (High) : about 200℃±10℃ 1500W 220V~50Hz

Specifications: Voltage and power : 220V~50Hz,1500W

Material : Aluminum alloy

Cord Length : 3×0.75mm2

Fit people : 2-5 people

Color : Black

Thickness of grill : 1.5mm

Size: 39×7.7×24


• This product has a three-plug structure, and all sockets should be reliably grounded.

• The power supply voltage used matches the voltage indicated on the product label.

• When using, connect the temperature controller to the pot and connect it to the power supply. After use, first adjust to the “OFF” position, then dial the power plug; use only the electrical accessories provided by the company to avoid accidents.

• Avoid touching the wires with hot objects. The pot should be placed on a safe horizontal surface to avoid collision and cause burns.

• When you have hot soup or hot oil, please move carefully.

• If you have heat, sometimes you need someone to care; when frying, please don’t close the lid.

• Please don’t touch the thermostat when using, be careful with hot hands.

• Before cleaning, first place the temperature controller in a dry place and let it cool naturally to avoid electric shock. Do not immerse the temperature controller and plug in liquid or water.

• Do not change its purpose. – Always pay attention to the fastening condition of the joint. If it is loose, tighten the screw.

• Not suitable for children to use independently.


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